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  • Location from Airport: Arrecife is just 3.15 miles (5 kilometres) from Lanzarote Airport (ACE).
  • Nearby Amenities: The city boasts a vibrant shopping scene, including the modern Deiland Shopping Center. You can also explore the historic Castillo de San Gabriel and indulge in diverse dining options.
  • Why Visit: Arrecife is Lanzarote’s capital, offering a mix of urban attractions and cultural sites. It’s a convenient starting point for exploring the island and experiencing local life.

Arrecife is an Urban Hub:

Capital of Lanzarote: As the island’s capital, Arrecife is the cultural and administrative heart of Lanzarote. Its urban energy and diversity make it a unique destination within the Canary Islands.

Accessibility: Arrecife is conveniently located near Lanzarote Airport (ACE), making it easily accessible for travellers arriving on the island. It’s an excellent starting point for exploring Lanzarote’s attractions.

Arrecife‘s Waterfront Promenade:

Charco de San Ginés: One of Arrecife’s defining features is the picturesque Charco de San Ginés. This saltwater lagoon is surrounded by colourful fishing boats and waterside restaurants, creating a vibrant atmosphere along the waterfront.

Paseo de las Cucharas: The modern Paseo de las Cucharas promenade offers pleasant walks along the seafront. You can enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean, soak in the fresh sea breeze, and savour local seafood at waterfront cafes and restaurants.

Arrecife Cultural and Artistic Exploration:

Castillo de San Gabriel: The historic Castillo de San Gabriel is an iconic landmark in Arrecife. This 16th-century fortress now houses the Arrecife History and Art Museum, where you can delve into the island’s rich history through exhibits and artefacts.

Art Galleries: Arrecife boasts a thriving arts scene with numerous galleries and cultural centres showcasing local and international artwork. The city’s creative spirit is celebrated through various exhibitions and cultural events.

Shopping and Dining:

Modern Shops: Arrecife offers a contemporary shopping scene with various boutiques, fashion stores, and local markets. The Calle Real shopping district is a popular area to explore for retail therapy.

Diverse Dining: The city has a wide range of dining options, from traditional Canarian eateries to international cuisine. The waterfront area is mainly known for its seafood restaurants and tapas bars. Among the many delectable dishes, the slow-cooked pil pil cod stands out as a must-try delicacy. The island’s goat’s cheeses are also a popular choice, bursting with flavour and texture. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might also want to try the sancocho, a hearty fish stew that is a favourite among locals. To truly experience the taste of the Canaries, you’ll hear the locals say, “Don’t forget to try papas arrugadas”, the traditional wrinkly potatoes that are a staple of the region’s cuisine. To complete your culinary journey, be sure to pair these dishes with Lanzarote’s up-and-coming wines, which are sure to delight even the most discerning wine connoisseur. Be sure to ask to test a glass of Malvasia wine or Lanzarote’s Malvasia grape variety which is gaining recognition for its unique flavor profile and is definitely worth a try.

Historical Landmarks:

San Ginés Church: The charming San Ginés Church is a historic place of worship in Arrecife. Its distinctive blue dome and ornate interior make it a notable architectural landmark.

Puente de las Bolas: This iconic bridge, dating back to the 17th century, is a vital city symbol. Its stone balls served as cannonball storage during times of piracy.

Arrecife Local Events: What’s on calendar

Carnival: Arrecife hosts lively carnival celebrations each year, featuring colourful parades, music, dance, and elaborate costumes. It’s a vibrant and festive time to experience the local culture. Don’t miss the Grand Parades usually set in February and March. All parades usually gather at around 5pm and set off at 6pm or 6.30pm

Fiestas de San Ginés: In August, the city celebrates its patron saint, San Ginés, with a week-long festival featuring cultural performances, music, and culinary events.

Arrecife’s blend of historical charm, modern amenities, cultural richness, and scenic waterfront views make it a captivating destination on Lanzarote. Whether you’re interested in history, art, shopping, or simply enjoying the city’s vibrant atmosphere, Arrecife offers diverse experiences to explore and enjoy.

Getting To Arrecife By Car

For those considering the convenience of hiring a car at Lanzarote airport, reaching Arrecife from Lanzarote Airport (ACE) is a straightforward and scenic drive. The journey covers just 3.15 miles (5 kilometres), making it an ideal option for visitors looking to explore at their own pace. Upon exiting the airport, follow the well-signed routes towards Arrecife, which lead you directly into the city’s heart in approximately 10 minutes, traffic permitting. This short drive not only offers the flexibility to stop and admire the island’s unique landscape but also provides a glimpse into to Arrecife’s urban charm and cultural richness. Explore its bustling streets and vibrant neighborhoods, indulge in the local cuisine, and discover its fascinating history and traditions. With car hire facilities readily available at the airport, embarking on your Lanzarote adventure couldn’t be easier, allowing you to dive into the vibrant life of its capital from the moment you arrive.

Hotels in Arrecife

There’s plenty of choice for hotels in Arrecife. Here’s a selection of some of the most popular and highly rated hotels in Arrecife:

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